Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Only In Malaysia

Something to cheer you up on a Blue Green Red Monday

Not dry  yet but have to rush back..

No further comment

Prevention is always better than cure

Smile!  You are on candid camera!

  Who wants to press?

Halal or not?  (Literally means Drink shop in Tanjong Selera(place) more or less Halal (approve for muslim consumption)

No.  thefts in this shop: nil

 help, too many enemies

Extreme act of balancing

Making full use of a ladder...  But how many kids are in this family?

 think anyone is going to steal this

Bad idea.

Someone must have failed his Malay last time   ( means reduce speed)

I guess only Superman can see through that!

Signboard for cow?

This is how the air gets polluted

No special treatment

RV buatan Malaysia ?   RV Made in Malaysia

Stay away from this car!

Can go or cannot go actually?

Even cow pays attention to the traffic light

A good reason to get a Smart Car

Portable  garage

Special delivery service

This is why we need to pay attention when in school

Polis? Police

No enough parking place

Sama-sama kena ( also caught)

From the land of the Giants

Jalan sehala here, jalan sehala there, jalan sehala everywhere  (Jalan sahala means one way street)

 Only space available

In one go

Not everyone will have a chance like this

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