Friday, February 05, 2010

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Why Expand Your Network?

You will be paid for every successful referral to Catcheye.

You will earn bonus reward points when members in your network view our ads.

You will raise fund for charity by introducing more people to view our ads.

The more you expand your network, the more you will get rewarded! Subsequently, the reward points you earn on Catcheye can be exchanged for cash, gifts or other prizes.

To invite your friends to Catcheye,

1. Promote Your Referral Link :

Copy and paste this link to anyone who you wish to invite. If someone signs up for Catcheye via your referral link, he/she will become a member of your network. Alternatively, you can promote your direct sign-up link.

(Copy and paste it to your friend)

2. Send Email Invites

Tell your friends about Catcheye! Spread the word by sending them emails and inviting them to join.

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